Cultivation and production of dehydrated alfalfa

«Fermeks» – is a dynamically developing agricultural farm specializing in growing of forage crops and their dehydration.

We carry on business in the Nizhny Novgorod and Novgorod regions.

Fermeks, LLC is included in the «Agroindustrial complex Bone Fide participants Association».

Our mission: to provide livestock and poultry industries with high-quality, environmentally friendly and affordable feed.

Our advantages
Modern agricultural machinery
We use modern European-made agricultural machinery, which allows us to ensure the highest quality at all stages of the production process.
Advanced crop farming technology
We use non-GMO seeds of European selection, and our choice of plant protection agents and fertilizers is based on soil-test index. This allows us to avoid unnecessary interference in the vegetation processes and to obtain products that meet international environmental safety standards.
Modern processing technologies
Modern processing technologies allow us to save more nutrients in the feed than with traditional methods of harvesting roughage. Provided the storage conditions are adhered to the finished product, with a moisture content of up to 14%, is stored for an unlimited time.
Flexibility in interacting with the client
Products are produced in the form of pellets and high-density bales. Packing of pelleted feed is 40 kg or 1 t. Products comes in bags and big-bags. Bales measuring 2.2 x 0.8 x 0.6 m. Our clients are both small private farms and large Russian and foreign enterprises.
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