We manufacture and supply our clients with balanced and environmentally friendly animal feed. Forage grass and alfalfa grown in our fields are used as raw materials for the production. The use of high-quality roughage makes it possible to avoid the use of premixes and various chemical additives in diets. This allows you to maximize the potential of the animal without harming its health.

We offer our clients two types of products
Pellets with a diameter of 8 mm
40 kg bags, and in bulk one ton bags
High-density bales with polypropylene twine tape
Size: 2.2 x 0.8 x 0.6 m
Product specifications
  Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF) % Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) % Relative Feed Value (RFV) Protein (CP)
Supreme < 27 < 34 > 185 > 22
Premium 27-29 34-36 170-185 20-22
Good 29-32 36-40 150-170 18-20
Fair 32-35 40-44 130-150 16-18
Utility > 35 > 44 < 130 < 16
The benefits of our feed

High profitability

When converted to transient and digestible protein, the use of such feeds is more cost-effective than traditional sources of protein used in diets.

Structural and nutritional value

They are a source of cellulose and hemicellulose - easily digestible forms of fiber, have a high carotene content, and the digestibility level reaches 80%.

Health and longevity of animals

The feed contains a minimum amount of crude ash, there are no mycotoxins, molds and insects, which increases the life expectancy of animals.

Convenience in transportation and storage

Granulation and pressing increases the specific density of the product and optimizes transportation and storage costs, as well as the operating and capital costs of the enterprise.

The use of modern technology

We use alfalfa seeds from Barenbrug – Dutch company breeds grass and alfalfa already 115 years. GMO FREE! Modern processing technologies allow us to save much more nutrients than with traditional methods of harvesting.

Flexibility in interacting with the client

We organize the delivery of feed around the world by road, rail and water transport. Among the clients are both small private farms and large Russian and foreign enterprises.

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Stages of production of our products
Crop farming
We use non-GMO seeds of European selection. Sowing and cultivation is carried out using modern technologies and taking into account the recommendations of leading world experts in the cultivation of perennial herbs.
Harvesting of raw materials
Our company’s specialists have developed a special plan for mowing. Mowing is carried out in the early phases of budding (before flowering), when the content of crude protein and fiber is optimal.
Processing and storage
Dehydration allows you to quickly remove moisture from the plant, while maintaining the maximum amount of all nutrients. Storage of products occurs under strict observance of temperature conditions and humidity parameters.
Quality control
Our company uses the FOSS express laboratory. On a point of order, control of incoming raw materials, production control and control of finished products are carried out. All production lines are equipped with automatic metal detectors and stone traps.
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